[Goma-kun] I tried to be a vlogger.

I love reviewing snacks, so I thought that for the next snack review, I would do a video instead. I set up all the equipment, I ate all the snacks, I had a script all written up. I was revved up and ready to go!! I hit the ‘Record’ button with purpose and then!! …I froze up.

This was all the camera caught when I tried to be a vlogger.
This was all the camera caught…

I guess it didn’t come naturally to me. This was the drink I was going to review anyway:

An illustration of Royal Milk Tea drink from Koucha Kaden.

It’s the Royal Milk Tea drink from Koucha Kaden. I first had it on a holiday in Tokyo and couldn’t find it for years afterwards. This brings back many happy memories, like how you can drink it warm from a vending machine in winter… (*´ェ`*)

I guess this wasn’t much of a review. But anyway, try it! It’s yummy!


[Goma-kun] Product review: Aomori apple chips

Hello everyone, it’s me again! Every week, I like to go to my favourite supermarket to buy my weekly groceries. Can you guess which supermarket it is?

Can you hear the jingle already?!

Everybody knows I can’t resist snacks, but last week I tried my best to make an effort to zoom past the snacks section (will I make it?!). I went in with this mindset, but right at the entrance, among the fruits, I saw this…

There wasn’t just one flavour, there were three! I think they were different types of apples, one was Jonah Gold, another was Fuji, and another was Toki(?). Guess which ones I bought? (Spoiler: I bought all!) °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I ended up going to the snack section anyway since I’d already lost my resolve right at the entrance. I also got myself a really yummy salmon don for lunch. ❤

Okay, so I immediately started trying the snacks when I got home and here is my short review of them.

To my surprise, these chips were very crispy. (✪㉨✪) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought apple chips only to be disappointed because the chips were soggy right out of the packet. Also, these chips are quite decently sized – again, I find so many other dried fruit packets having too many mini crumbs that get on the floor faster than they get in your mouth. I’m really addicted – I think I’m going to stock up when I get my groceries next week. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Having tried all three though, I have to say I can’t tell the difference between the three flavours. Except maybe the green one; it had salt in it. Maybe I ate too many at one go… Well it wasn’t a bummer for me, it just means that I won’t be sad if one flavour runs out; the others are just as yummy.

Here’s my obligatory selfie with every snack I review!

At the end of the snack-tasting session, I realised that I was so excited to try new snacks, I completely forgot to buy any real groceries for the week. Um, I guess I have to go back there to do groceries tomorrow…


[Moku-tan] Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! I know you’re supposed to wake up all refreshed and start on a clean slate for the new year but when you’re an owner of an eatery it always feels more like you’re trying to clean up the mess from the previous year. I guess it’s my fault because instead of cleaning up properly after the last customer left my shop with celebratory ice cream, I hurriedly closed my shop so that I could also bring my celebratory ice cream to my friends’ New Year’s Eve party.

We had a Christmas gathering at Chiyo’s last week, so yesterday we went to Junpei’s apartment instead. I really like how he decorated it.

I nearly fell asleep on the beanbag.

We were having soda and chips (courtesy of Goma-kun!) and ice cream and the countdown was on TV. We didn’t plan any activities in particular. Everyone was chilling, then all of a sudden Chiyo banged her soda glass down and asked everyone what their new year resolutions were.

I panicked. Every year, I avoid making new year resolutions because I find that I get disappointed when I ultimately don’t follow through when the new year rolls around. I prefer to take baby steps throughout the year, you see…

Anyway, everybody had their turn and now they were all staring at me. I laughed nervously and said I hadn’t thought of any new year resolutions. Chiyo proceeded to bang her paw on the table and repeated, now more fiercely, “What are your new year resolutions?!” (At this point I wondered if Goma-kun had brought us beer by mistake because Chiyo was so riled up.)

This cat is on fireeeeeeee!

Under her intense glare, I started to answer in a high-pitched voice that I always wanted to sell handmade items.

“GOOD!” she shouted. “SELL THEM!”

And that is how I ended up with a new little corner in my shop before I headed home last night.

Please come and buy something from my shop!

…did I mention that yesterday a kid reached for the jar of rainbow sprinkles and shouted, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” while tossing the sprinkles all over the shop? (His mother was horrified and tried to sweep it all up and she kept apologising. But the little boy looked so happy, I couldn’t help but understand his joy, too…) Yeah, I think I’d better run to the store now before the ants take over the place.

Here’s a group photo of us from yesterday!

Happy New Year, everybody. 🙂

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[Junpei] Merry Christmas.

Hello, my name is Junpei. It is Christmas today. I celebrated it with my most cherished friends. We went to Chiyo’s house this year, sat on the rooftop and enjoyed the sounds of different Christmas songs floating out of the neighbors’ windows.

We used to go to so many parties at this time of the year and we would panic over the last few presents we forgot to buy. We haven’t been able to go to any parties the past two years. At first, it was strange and almost sad that the mood was different. But this year, I found that it allowed me to reflect on what was most important – and that was to be grateful for the friends you have and for the relationships you hold.

My friends know that I love to collect quotes, so I’m sharing a very apt one below.

Merry Christmas everyone! May the new year hold better adventures for us all.


[Goma-kun] I sat for a portrait.

Last week, I went to have my portrait done by an illustrator. I thought it would be fun because I realised all the selfies I have looked like this:

I thought for really long about how I wanted my portrait to be done. I really love goma ice cream more than anything else, so I decided that I wanted to be drawn with an ice cream cone in hand. (It won’t melt in a portrait, hurray!) I bought some from Moku-tan, of course. ^_^ (It was so hard to resist eating it before the portrait session…) Anyway, the portrait session was going to be in the artist’s studio, so I had to pack the ice cream, cones and scoop in a cooler bag and bring them all along.

Oh, I also took a photo of the studio, by the way:

I also took a photo of the artist (with permission of course):

The artist was a very nice lady. She told me to sit on the stool in front of a cloudy backdrop so she could start sketching and taking photographs. I asked her to wait a minute for me while I got my ice cream out.

I think I have never sat so still in my life before. I was in a real dilemma because while I was sitting there, I watched with a broken heart as my favourite ice cream melted in my hand… (T_T) It had better be a good portrait!

This was one of the pictures the illustrator took of me!

By the time the artist was done, my entire cone was soggy. She approached me and asked why I didn’t eat the ice cream. I told her I was afraid it would ruin the picture if I moved. She told me she needed to add some finishing touches to the portrait and that she would mail it to me as soon as she was done.

Today, I received the portrait. I don’t know how to express what I feel about it… I like it, of course, but… Here, let me show you what I mean.

The ice cream didn’t make it into the portrait at all. It was neither immortalised in a painting nor did it get in my tummy (where it should belong!). It turns out that the artist thought I brought the ice cream along in case I was bored during the portrait session. (T_T)

I think I am going to Moku-tan’s ice cream shop now for some comfort…

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