[Junpei] Work-from-home woes

It’s been two years since we started working from home and we are very slowly easing back into a new normal. I enjoyed working from home. I didn’t need to rush out the door and squeeze with everyone on public transport. I could take care of my home at the same time as I work. Working from home, however, comes with its fair share of pains.

I’m sure you have gone on many online meetings and instead of starting with, “how was your day?” Or, “how are you?”, people start the conversation with, “Can you hear me?”

That’s okay, but the version I always get is this. I would raise my hand to speak, and just when I’m about to say something, someone would say:

It is clear that I am not on mute because the ‘mute’ icon is not active on my screen. I would be lying if I said I was not annoyed by how many times this has happened. In the end, all I respond with is:

A little patience never hurt anybody. I have a quote to share for that, too.

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