[Goma-kun] I sat for a portrait.

Last week, I went to have my portrait done by an illustrator. I thought it would be fun because I realised all the selfies I have looked like this:

I thought for really long about how I wanted my portrait to be done. I really love goma ice cream more than anything else, so I decided that I wanted to be drawn with an ice cream cone in hand. (It won’t melt in a portrait, hurray!) I bought some from Moku-tan, of course. ^_^ (It was so hard to resist eating it before the portrait session…) Anyway, the portrait session was going to be in the artist’s studio, so I had to pack the ice cream, cones and scoop in a cooler bag and bring them all along.

Oh, I also took a photo of the studio, by the way:

I also took a photo of the artist (with permission of course):

The artist was a very nice lady. She told me to sit on the stool in front of a cloudy backdrop so she could start sketching and taking photographs. I asked her to wait a minute for me while I got my ice cream out.

I think I have never sat so still in my life before. I was in a real dilemma because while I was sitting there, I watched with a broken heart as my favourite ice cream melted in my hand… (T_T) It had better be a good portrait!

This was one of the pictures the illustrator took of me!

By the time the artist was done, my entire cone was soggy. She approached me and asked why I didn’t eat the ice cream. I told her I was afraid it would ruin the picture if I moved. She told me she needed to add some finishing touches to the portrait and that she would mail it to me as soon as she was done.

Today, I received the portrait. I don’t know how to express what I feel about it… I like it, of course, but… Here, let me show you what I mean.

The ice cream didn’t make it into the portrait at all. It was neither immortalised in a painting nor did it get in my tummy (where it should belong!). It turns out that the artist thought I brought the ice cream along in case I was bored during the portrait session. (T_T)

I think I am going to Moku-tan’s ice cream shop now for some comfort…

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